At the weekend, John discovered Chat Roulette and before too long, had written a silly song to sing at the unwitting Rouletters (the chorus: “I’m playing Chat, Chat Roulette, with a bunch of weirdos on the internet, I’m playing Chat, Chat Roulette”). Most people just clicked next or continued masturbating but a few people stopped to listen and one of those people was James.

Taken by the simple ditty, James fetched his own ukelele and John taught him the song so they could duet over the laggy connection, then James had to run out to go to a gig but not before John aggressively promoted Ukepedia at him.

Today, this arrived in our inbox and James was crowned as the latest star in the Ukeverse. It’s not a short article; it’s not abridged; it’s 8 minutes 16 seconds long. James is AWESOME.

(Yes, it’s on a guitar but we don’t mind.)

I performed my new Ukepedia song a couple of hours ago at Bar Camp Leeds 2009.  Since the event was part-sponsored by Microsoft, I thought it’d be nice to sing the criticism section of the Microsoft article – it seemed to go down well (some tweets about it here on Twitter).  I had a few more promises of new song recordings from people too. Video recording thanks to Tim Dobson and video wrangling thanks to Caius Durling.

UPDATE: Mike Nolan broadcast the performance live over Qik! The recording is here, and includes the whole talk by the looks of it.

Rob has submitted his performance of the Wikipedia article “Ukulele“, and after much wrangling of video codecs and the such, it is now available for all to see.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that Wikipedia has an article on the Ukelele. What may come as a surprise however is that Rob is twice the size of normal humans and is playing a regular guitar in the video.

Rob appears courtesy of West Yorkshire’s one-time second-best three-piece acoustic folk-country-scifi-gospel fusion band The Gillroyd Parade.

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Last but certainly not least from the legend that is Mister Blindingham, here is a very brave rendition of the article on ‘Cortinarius Ponderosus‘. Long, complicated words ahoy!

Big, big thanks to Blindingham for his submissions. If we ever work out where the Chiltern Gateway Centre is, I will send him a Bedfordshire Clanger for his efforts ;)

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You might want to take a nice deep breath before watching this video – I get exhausted just watching it.

The wonderful Blindingham again, this time singing the article on Unterseeboot 5.

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