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Keen to get involved? Of course, you are and we’re just as keen to have your contribution. It’s a big ol’ keen-fest over here.

Step 1

Find yourself a Wikipedia article to sing.

It can be relevant to you or completely random – and Wikipedia is so great, they’ve even got a special Random feature to help you find one if that’s your fancy.

Step 2

Concoct yourself a pretty melody on your uke (or whatever instrument you’ve picked to play).

If you’re playing a uke, you might find it useful to look up the chords or maybe just tinkering around will do it for you.

Step 3

Combine the words from Step 1 and the tune from Step 2. This will create what is commonly known as a “song” (if this is getting too technical for you, there is a whole big entry on Wikipedia about them. I hear they’re quite popular as a concept).

Step 4

Record your song for posterity. You can record it as a video or just as an audio track, we don’t mind. We only really did the first ones as videos because the easiest way we had of recording music was through a camera.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not note perfect or if you accidentally add an extra syllable in the middle of “Philatelists“, just have fun with it, you crazy cat.

Step 5

Phew! I bet that was tiring. Probably a good time to sit back for a bit. Maybe make yourself a cup of tea or grab a beer, whatever is your poison, and relax for a few minutes. Maybe pop on a cartoon to watch or stroke a cat. Or maybe you could read about something new on the internet – I hear there is a cool encyclopedia thing out there. Winkipoodia or something.

Step 6: the YouTube option

This option assumes you have a YouTube account (or are willing to sign up for one) – if you don’t have an account, proceed to the ‘Step 6: the email option’ instead. By the way, by ‘YouTube’, we mean basically any video hosting site – we’re not brand whores.

Brandishing your video or audio recording in your digital hand, wend your way over to YouTube and log yourself in.

Upload your video to your account and send us a message to let us know it’s there – you can either send us a message through our YouTube account or by email: hello at ukepedia dot com . It would be great if you could include your lyrics (or a link to the Wikipedia article in question at least) and your chords in case anyone else wants to recreate your masterpiece, and any additional licensing information.

Upon receiving your message, we’ll jump for joy (we’re excitable types) and add your video to this site.

Step 6: the email option

Not got a YouTube (or other video hosting site) account? Don’t worry, you can still play out.

Email us your video and we’ll upload it to our YouTube account and then onto the site, giving you full credit, of course. Send it to hello at ukepedia dot com – you might want to compress the video if it’s huge, or else it’ll take all day to send ;)

Again, it would be great if you could send over the lyrics (and/or link to the article) & chords and include any licensing stuff in that message too.

Step 7

We’ll upload/embed your video in this site and glory shall await you*.

* Glory not guaranteed.

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