Ukepedia pimped at BarCamp Leeds 2008

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2 Responses

  1. lukeb3000 says:

    lol i just found this little gem :) I am going to tweet about it

    So how long before you complete all the articles?

    I have a spanish guitar can I expand on articles? Or is it only the Ukelele that qualifies you to be able to contribute to

    I look forward to a responce Thanks :)

  2. louisa says:

    Hi Luke,

    It might be a week or two until we complete the 2,546,506 articles currently available in the English version of the site, and then maybe another few days to finish all the other language ones ;)

    Yes, please do record an article with your guitar – as we say on the About page, we’re not being elitist about the ukelele bit – we’ve got people promising us they’ll record tracks using guitars, pianos and even church bells*.

    We’ve been away – at RailsConf in Berlin – but are hoping to have some more videos online soon — and it’ll be all the sooner if other people send submissions over too ;)

    -louisa :)

    (* the church bell promise thing is a lie – the guy we know who plays them insists it can’t really be done. We’ll wear him down and get him to record one eventually though ;) )

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