Ukepedia is a fun project to collect together videos and audio recordings of people singing Wikipedia articles while accompanied by a ukelele.


Why not?

How did it come about?

Louisa Twittered about her ear ache. John sang the Twitter while strumming on his ukelele. Louisa read about her ear ache on Wikipedia. John sang the Wikepedia article. A domain name purchase and WordPress installation later, Ukepedia was born.

It’s ukulele, not ukelele

Yeah, we know. But we’re British and a great many of us in these fair isles like to spell it ‘ukelele‘. Plus it sounded better. And also looked nicer in the logo.

Submit your own Ukepedia entry

Keen to get involved? Of course, you are! :)

Find yourself an article (it can be relevant to you or completely random), concoct yourself a pretty melody and sing away.

Record your performance – either as video or just audio track – then if you’ve got a YouTube (or similar) account, upload it to there and email us the link to embed over here. Failing that, email us the whole video and we’ll upload it to our YouTube account (giving you full credit, of course).

Email us at hello at ukepedia dot com.

But I don’t have a uke!

Ukes rock but we’re not elitist around here so are happy to include performances using other common, everyday instruments like lutes, mandolins, banjos, dulcimers and harps. Or guitars, if you can find one of those rare and splendid things. In fact, we’re happy to accept just about any instrument really – but ukes are really easy and fun to play so if you’ve got access to one, learn a couple of chords et voila!.

Contact us

You can email us at hello at ukepedia dot com. Emails make us happy. Or at least emails that are not attempting to sell us viagra, SEO services, rude videos of Angelina Jolie or Russian brides make us happy. Spammers should email us at root@localhost instead.

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  1. CIEMMEZETA says:

    To je sadržaj vrijednosti! :-)

  2. Wannan abun ciki ne mai darajar! :-)

  3. Gene Sadik says:

    Ky është një përmbajtje e vlefshme!

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