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Fozzie Bear

At the weekend, John discovered Chat Roulette and before too long, had written a silly song to sing at the unwitting Rouletters (the chorus: “I’m playing Chat, Chat Roulette, with a bunch of weirdos...


Cortinarius Ponderosus

Last but certainly not least from the legend that is Mister Blindingham, here is a very brave rendition of the article on ‘Cortinarius Ponderosus‘. Long, complicated words ahoy! Big, big thanks to Blindingham for...


Unterseeboot 5

You might want to take a nice deep breath before watching this video – I get exhausted just watching it. The wonderful Blindingham again, this time singing the article on Unterseeboot 5.


Bedfordshire Clanger

The wonder that is Blindingham has submitted not one! not two! but THREE! videos for our enjoyment. He is my new god. First up, the Bedfordshire Clanger “which is, disappointingly, a kind of pasty,...

List of WXW Hardcore Champions 2

List of WXW Hardcore Champions

Hurrah! The first Ukepedia submission from someone we’ve not beaten into it! The star that is Nick Douglas has recorded a lovely little number for us: the List of WXW Hardcore Champions. Splendid, just...